A Bet With My Belly

Ignoring all caution on eating at roadside stalls and shady joints in India, we decided to be adventurous and stop at a Toddy Shop on the way to the Athirappilly Waterfalls in Thrissur, Kerala.

The risk of developing a tummy upset was high, and that wouldn’t go well in a place where toilet facilities might practically be an outhouse in the middle of the jungle – if you’re lucky.

Meds on standby of course!😅

Food was hot, and there was no swarm of flies so we reckoned it’s safe.

Luckily the gamble paid off and it’s been one of the best meals we’ve had in Kerala.

It was worth every mouthful of traditional Kerala beef fry, fried fish, fish curry, mashed tapioca and pork fry – all for Rs463 (USD6.50).

Washed down with toddy of course!

Except for a slight scare when I swallowed a fish bone – all was good!

Point of fascination for me was the shop owners billing system – our orders were written on chalk on a wooden table at the back of the shop…and a calculator on standby.

Definitely worth the gamble and bet with our bellies!

Beef Fry (note the chilly seeds🥵)
Pork Fry (Note the layer of fat!)
Kappa (Mashed Tapioca)
Kerala Fish Curry
Fish marinated in spices and fried

Toddy & Bamboo Toddy
Bamboo toddy
Toddy Shop billing system
Toddy Shop owner and his billing system

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  1. Nelson Phillips says:

    I’m glad you tried all these foods with an adventurer’s spirit.. there’s no other way .
    I studied and lived in India for 7 years. in the 70’s ; Nagpur, 2 yrs Maharastra); Udaipur, 1 yr ( Rajeshtan),;Surat , 2 yrs, (Gujarat) and Baroda, 2 yrs (Gujarat).
    In Udaipur I thought I was eating Chicken Tikka once, turned out to be crow..It was an education and a adventure as a poor student, obtaining my B.Sc and M.Sc. I learned how to communicate in Hindi ( quite fluent) and Guju ( laughable), but couldn’t manage Marati.

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    1. I’m glad we did too U Sashi. Turned out to be our best meal yet this trip. Better than hotel food…and Indian hotel food is actually quite good I must say!😄


    2. And…. crow!!? How’d that happen? More stories to share over Christmas dinner 😄… are you coming back to KL this Dec?


  2. Kurian says:

    Hello Maria, this is Kurian Jacob. Beautiful post and mouthwatering display of shaap curries.
    I can give some exclusive fish places ‘Madhus Restaurant’ in Chertala, ‘Vellalanthari’ in container road near toll plaza in Kochi and ’Machili’ in Kochi. I have blogged on all three.
    I am excited to have you in the group for Cooking Exotica and Intermittent Fasting.

    Liked by 1 person

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