Sweet Bubble Treat

Never understood the fixation with Bubble Tea and it’s variants, but to each their own.

So with apprehension, I agree to try a cup with our friend Sel who was raving about it!

It was 10pm at night, and there was a line when we pulled up in front of Xing Fu Tang Bubble Tea – a Taiwanese bubble tea chain.

The outlet was located in a beautiful old colonial ‘White House’ on Hutton Road.

While in line, I was lecturing Sel on a recent article I read about a woman who had to have an operation to remove starch residue from her intestines from too much bubble tea.

Excessive consumption I suppose, but worth the tale of caution for a friend.

The line moved fast and we were soon sipping on our hot and iced Brown Sugar Boba Milk Bubble Tea.

I must say the coating of bubbles with thick brown sugar is just magic! It was comforting to chew on the warm bubbles as you slurped on warm milk, and on a hot day the iced version would be heaven.

My only beef would be being served hot milk and bubbles in a plastic cup with a plastic straw. Other than that, it was quite a pleasant treat actually.

Will I visit again? Never say never!


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  1. Kurian says:

    Looking great and tempting. And quite a setting to prepare it. Must look for one.
    Thank you Maria

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