Goodbye Jumbo!

It is the end of the story for the famous Jumbo floating restaurant in Hong Kong. In the dramatic final chapter, the floating eatery, which was a must-see for most travellers to the island, now lies 1,000m below the South China Sea where it sank while being transported to a location where it was to…

Set-Jetting: West Bay, Dorset.

Like my previous post on Port Isaac in Cornwall, West Bay in Dorset, England was hardly on our list of travel destinations until one lazy afternoon of Netflixing which got us hooked on British crime drama ‘Broadchurch’. The intriguing twists and plot got us hooked on the series and the fictitious town of Broadchurch which…

Walking Trails: Port Isaac Circular Trail, Cornwall

Blame the rude doctor for our foray into the Cornish countryside where irate residents would exclaim – Ooooooh! Doc Martin! With a little bit of an eye-roll before they give directions to lost visitors. Yes, we were set-jetting through Port Isaac, the filming location for TV series Doc Martin in which the fishing village is…

Thai Treats @ The Golden Triangle, Juru

No one thinks of Thai food as a meal option – not when in Penang, thought it is one of the closest states to our northern neighbour Thailand. Also … would not stop raving on and on about this place in Juru Auto City (Penang mainland). So we decided to give it a go….

Summer Walk: Oldfield Park, Bath

Bright summer blooms on a pleasant morning walk to & from the Church of Our Lady & St Alphege in Oldfield Park, Bath (Somerset) for Sunday mass.