Sunset Ceremony: India

On a trip along the backwaters in Kerala in June, we spent the night on a houseboat docked next a village along the waterway near the Punamada Kayal lake. It was just before dusk and all the homes in the village were lighting oil lamps in the from of their homes as they recited prayers….

Reflection: Mumbai

Reflection with a view overlooking the Colaba Reef from the Souk Restaurant Taj Mahal Tower Hotel, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Step Back in Time: Mumbai

Mumbai is a rapidly developing, densely populated financial centre along the west coast of India. Home to Bollywood, scenes of this city have been beamed to us via televisions in our living rooms more often than we can remember. If not for the traffic chaos and incessant honking, a walk down the streets of Colaba…

Floral Finery @ The Taj

The attention to detail at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India is astounding. The bright flowers that greet you at every lobby, reading corner and table tops were a testament to this. In addition floral floor decorations in our room lent a lingering fresh smell of jasmine and roses which lulled is…