Drive Thru: Central Spine Rd

One of my favourite drives – low traffic and amazing scenery! The partially opened Central Spine Road that will link Kuala Lipis in Pahang to Kuala Krai in Kelantan once it is completed. It currently terminates just outside Gua Musang town.

Chasing Ghosts: Birth of the Kellie Saga

Based on what we were up to, one would expect a “Booooo! Instead of the”Mooooo!” we got as a greeting when we pulled into Kellas Estate located in the rural district of Dallas, Scotland. “You’d really look good on my plate right now … a nice juicy steak!” exclaimed an exasperated Terence as we passed…

Food Trail: The Felix Hong Kong

I love old hotels – not the ghost stories and apparent haunting in these places. I can do without those. Have lived in a few old buildings – never experienced anything  and never want to – lets keep it that way! To me it’s just the notion of walking through a room, hall or passageway just…

Magical Land of Fairy Chimneys

We landed at the Kayseri Airport late in the evening and some of the spectacular scenery that greeted us during the flight descent was fading in the twilight. When we got into the Natureland Cave Hotel that I had booked online, Terence looked like he was about to bite my head off. “I’m not a…

A Rail Adventure – Coast to Coast on Amtrak

Two years ago I embarked on a trip to the United States of America. I wanted to do and see as much as I could, but soon discovered that this would be impossible because geographically the United States was a huge land mass and it would take hours to fly between cities and days to…

Sunrise over Cham Than, Hoi An, Vietnam

Cham Than is a quaint village in Vietnam. Located between Hoi An and Cua Dai Beach.
It’s a quaint and quiet getaway for those who want to escape the crowds and tourist at Hoi An town which is listed as a Unesco World Heritage site.
Wake up to the sound of ducks swimming in the irrigation canals that lead to vast rice fields – which in turn supplies an amazing foreground for breathtaking sunrise every morning.