Village With A Runway?

A runway in the middle of a village? That’s exactly what ‘Lawan Kuda,‘ a quaint village snuggled amongst the green hills near the town of Gopeng in Perak features. It’s the first thing you’ll notice as you pull into the village. Built by the British as an emergency landing strip and referred to as ‘feigeichang’ by the locals, this runway is no longer in use for aircraft. It is now the main road that runs through this Chinese New Village. The village name – ‘Lawan Kuda’ which translates to ‘horse battle’ or ‘horse contest’ is credited to a polo ground … Continue reading Village With A Runway?

Fine French Fusion Fare

A lazy Saturday at Cafe-Bistrot David with good friends is all we needed after such a drama fuelled week in the country. Calling in that morning to book a table, we were told that the restaurant was fully booked for lunch and the next available time was 2.30pm. A perfect excuse to sleep in! The restaurant was packed when we walked in, and I totally understand why. So remember to make a reservation if you’re planning to stop by. The food is one thing, but when an ambience in an eatery is cosy – after a nice meal, a good … Continue reading Fine French Fusion Fare