‘Baahubali’ Falls

The Athirappilly or ‘Baahubali’ waterfalls as it is popularly known, after a scene for that film was shot at the site.

Seen here in its full glory thanks to heavy rains in the area late October.

It is quite a walk to the foot of the falls – about 400m through the forest along a rugged stone pathway.

The climb down my be dangerous on rainy days as the rocks might be slippery and covered with wet foliage

The climb up after gawking at the beauty of the falls is another challenge in itself 😅

But it can be quite embarrassing to be panting away as you see the locals zip up and down in their half tied veshtis and slippers.

Some ladies just abandon their slippers halfway and walk down barefoot. So you might find fancy slipper lining the pathway.

Try not to carry foodstuff and hold on tight to your belongings, as monkeys along the route can be quite cheeky.

It can be quite daunting to have one of them follow you, waiting for you to let your guard down so it can make off with your handphone or sunglasses.

If you’d rather not do the climbing, then there is the option of viewing the falls from just the top. (Pics and video below)

There are designated spots for swimming at the top of the falls and rangers keep a close watch to prevent visitors from swimming too far in for safety reasons of course.


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