‘Pop’ Goes the Bagel

We normally wouldn’t take the trouble to drive all the way out of town on a weekend, especially while we are still in a stupor from severe lack of sleep and running around town like headless chickens over Christmas and New Year.

But a hospital visit in the area prompted us to stop by this little pop-up store on Jalan Kubu Gajah 14 in Sungai Buloh that was being run by a friend.

Kray’s foods is an online food site that takes orders for bagels, cheeses, deli meat and fish, and pies and cakes.

It’s a labour of love by radio personality Shazmin Shamsuddin and her husband Daniel Krahenbul.

For eye candy there’s their son Milo who makes a mean pizza.

For one month till (Jan 24, 2020) Kray’s Foods is going to be operating out of a cosy shop located in Kampung Kubu Gajah, a village just about 15 minutes off the Guthrie Corridor Expressway.

We almost missed the lone sign leading to the ‘White Brick Oven’ which operates just off the narrow Jalan Gajah 14 in the village.

It’s a pleasant drive to the village despite the narrow tarred road where we avoided a iguana on our way in, and his shiny slithery friend on the way out 😫

It’s a nice spot to spend a lazy afternoon. The food – fresh, tasty and comforting.

Milo who manages the place with his friends was friendly, obliging and made our visit a pleasant experience.

My warm salmon bagel was complemented well by the homemade cheese , while Terence’s toasty BLT bagel had one of the best tasting homemade beef bacon he has ever had.

We were quite surprised, because beef bacon, even that served in most swanky hotels, often has a tough, rubbery texture and has a strange raw smell.

It is a halal joint – which also serves delicious pies and cakes. Loved the sugar fix from the raspberry and strawberry Victoria sponge cakes. Even packed several slices for the family.

Wish we had known about this place earlier because this one month pop up store closes in a week (Jan 24, 2020), but do check out Kray’s Foods website to order, and for updates and information: https://www.kraysfoods.com/en/contact-us


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