Set-Jetting: West Bay, Dorset.

Like my previous post on Port Isaac in Cornwall, West Bay in Dorset, England was hardly on our list of travel destinations until one lazy afternoon of Netflixing which got us hooked on British crime drama ‘Broadchurch’. The intriguing twists and plot got us hooked on the series and the fictitious town of Broadchurch which…

Sunset @ The Datai

The harmonious sounds of the sea, gentle breeze and night sounds from the forest @
The Datai Langkawi

Sunset: Morib Beach

I’ve always found it odd that Malaysians do not see ourselves as beach bums. We do alive in a peninsular after all. In general the beaches along the West Coast of Peninsula Malaysia can never compete with the clear waters and white powdery sand of beaches along the east coast that face the open South…

Curves in Silhouettes

My views of curves are the ones I see in silhouettes which are free of the distraction of the objects around. These are just some of my favourite pictures of silhouettes – usually at sunrise or sunset. Inspired by WordPress Discover Prompts: Day 8: Curve

Sunset Over the Andaman

Am missing the beach, the sound of waves rolling in and dramatic sunsets! The dramatic sunset over the Andaman Sea captured from Pantai Cenang, Langkawi Island, Kedah Malaysia.

Sunset Ceremony: India

On a trip along the backwaters in Kerala in June, we spent the night on a houseboat docked next a village along the waterway near the Punamada Kayal lake. It was just before dusk and all the homes in the village were lighting oil lamps in the from of their homes as they recited prayers….

Evening Walk: Blackburn VIC

Blackburn is a quaint neighbourhoods about 20kms outside Melbourne. I believe it is a place that city folk seek solace away from the bustling capital of the state of Victoria. It was a pleasant walk through the quaint neighbourhood along and around Bindi Street where our family spent the recent holidays in a rented home….

Black Madonna of Catalonia

The Black Madonna of Montserrat (La Moreneta in Catalan which means the little dark skinned one) is the patron saint of Catalonia together with St Jordi (St George). The dark features of this statue currently at the Montserrat Basilica is courtesy of the pigment from wood it is carved out of – believed to have…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rise/Set

The rays of the setting sun above the Indian Ocean – captured from the cliffs on which the sacred Uluwatu temple in Bali is located. This temple is one of six temples that are believed to be the spiritual pillars of the island of Bali in Indonesia and one of the best places in the…

Blush: A Balinese Sunset

The setting sun hides behind a cloud as she throws a beautiful blush pink hue across the sky as dusk falls, and the tide rolls in towards the sacred Tanah Lot temple in Bali, Indonesia. The temple is only accessible to visitors for a few hours in a day – during low tide and under…

City Break: Avani Sepang Gold Coast

The beachs in the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia are hardly mentioned in tourist brochures. Not surprising, as these beaches are hardly comparable to its counterpart on the East Coast which are cleaner, more picturesque with powdery white sand and beautiful diving and snorkelling sites with teeming varieties of marine life. The West coast beaches…