Sunset: Morib Beach

I’ve always found it odd that Malaysians do not see ourselves as beach bums. We do alive in a peninsular after all.

In general the beaches along the West Coast of Peninsula Malaysia can never compete with the clear waters and white powdery sand of beaches along the east coast that face the open South China Sea.

The shores along the west coast that face the straits of Melaka are different. Most have rough sand and are usually polluted by effluents from the densely populated cities, towns and agricultural land along it.

The west coast shore line is thus hardly appealing if you’re looking at water sports, swimming and the likes.

There are however some swathes which are protected by mangrove swamps teeming with unique marine life.

West coast beaches do however promise dramatic sunsets, and for locals it is a great place for an evening stroll and kite flying activities.

Sunset at Morib Beach (Pix:

For wildlife buffs, some of the mangrove swamps promise unique marine life, and are bird watching havens – especially during the migratory season.

In my feature of popular spots in Kuala Langat this week, the Morib Beach and it’s jaw-dropping sunset is a must.

There is nothing more peaceful than strolling around this beach to watch nature splash and play with colours in the skies as the sun sets at dusk.

Most visitors love the landscape and evening breeze as they watch this dramatic display.

This outing usually culminates with dinner at nearby food courts that offer a variety of tasty seafood like grilled fish and squid.

More on Morib Beach:


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