City Break: Avani Sepang Gold Coast

The beachs in the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia are hardly mentioned in tourist brochures.

Not surprising, as these beaches are hardly comparable to its counterpart on the East Coast which are cleaner, more picturesque with powdery white sand and beautiful diving and snorkelling sites with teeming varieties of marine life.

The West coast beaches on the other hand have coarser sand and are sometimes swampy.

But efforts to put the Bagan Lalang beach in Sepang, Selangor on the map is slowly paying off -still a long way to go but slowly and surely.

I had the opportunity to spend two nights at the Avani Sepang Gold Coast resort nearby and managed to get some nice shots of sun, sea, sand and sunsets – didn’t quite make it for sunrise. 

Sunset – Bagan Lalang Beach
Entrance to the Avani Sepang Gold Coast Resort
Water chalets – Avani Sepang Gold Coast Resort
Water Chalets – Avani Sepang Gold Coast Resort
Figuring out the construction of a sand castle
Good spot for kite flying
Kite flying at dusk
Sunset at the Avani Sepang Gold Coast Resort
The moon is visible as the sunsets @ Bagan Lalang, Sepang
Avani Sepang Gold Coast Resort @ dusk
Avani Sepang Gold Coast Resort @ dusk
Avani Sepang Gold Coast Resort Water Chalets
This resort is nice for KLites who want a short getaway from the city -to be lulled by the sound of the ocean and enjoy breathtaking sunsets- but are just too lazy to drive to the East Coast or up north.

It’s about an hour’s drive out of the city and passes the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, the Sepang F1 Circuit, small villages, towns, estates, picturesque farms and back roads.
The beach and water seemed clean but my brother and me did get bitten by some sort of insect at the beach – took a few days for the welts to appear, followed by severe itching.

So just remember to spray insect repellent on yourself and especially kids.

The water at the resort seems clear but I’m cautious because of the flow of pesticides and pollutants from nearby agricultural and livestock farms to the sea through the nearby eastuaries. 

I recommend the pool at the resort which is quite large, with a decent kids wading pool at the side.

But that’s just me, so feel free to swim in the sea if you like. 


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