Food Trail: Sepang

Sepang has an array of food, restaurants, cafes and stalls offering a treasure trove of delights for you taste buds to explore. Below are some options for you to consider on a day trip to this district.

Breakfast at Adik Abang Restaurant

Here, you will be served a long lists of mouth-watering locals food. Regulars will recommend the scrumptious Lontong, Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai for that morning energy boost.

Adik Abang Restaurant
Pix: Tourism Selangor / RozyHanim

Lunch: Nasi Padang Minang Batang Kapeh

For lunch, the team at Tourism Selangor recommends the famous Nasi Padang Minang Batang Kapeh restaurant in Kampung Salak Tinggi for a sumptuous meal. If you are looking for flavourful traditional village food, this might be it. Their speciality – ikan bakar or grilled fish and ikan keli, their famous catfish dish.

Ikan Bakar
Pix: Tourism Selangor /

Alternatively, if you’d like something more ‘filling’ so try ‘India Gate’ in Shaftesbury square for some South and North Indian food options. They even have ‘Chinese Indian’ meals and an array of biryanis including prawn, fish, mutton and chicken biryani. Or if your like dishes there is the option of Indian ‘banana leaf’ rice served with a selection of side dishes.

India Gate Chicken Biryani
India Gate Bindi Masala
India Gate Fried Squid
Perfect way to end a meal – India Gate’s masala tea

Dessert: Ladang HL Sepang.

The Dragon Fruit Valley in Bagan Lalang is one of Sepang’s main attractions. Ladang HL Sepang, located within the valley is known for its famous dragon fruit plantation and cafe.

There are an array of dishes on the menu, but the recommended ones are Roti King Kong, and mashed potatoes served with their signature dragon fruit sauc, and there is nothing like freshly squeezed dragon fruit juice to quench your thirst on a hot afternoon.

Ladang HL
Pix: Tourism Selangor /

Tea Time at Book Barter Cafe

Get your caffein and sugar fix at this quaint cafe located in Tamarind Square where they serve scrumptious desserts, coffee and tea. The bookstore / library in a green house like ambience, makes it a great place to get some work done or to catch some me-time with an afternoon pick-me-up on the side. Start with their ‘Cottony Japanese Cheesecake’ and luscious flat white coffee.

Pix: Book Barter Cafe
Book Barter Cafe
Pix: Tourism Selangor / Eatdrinkkl

Pix : Book Barter Cafe

Dinner at HM Sri Bagan Sepang

End a long tiring day with some gentle sea breeze & the sound of waves rolling in as you tuck- into an array of fresh sea food dishes at this spot in Bagan Lalang. Their specialities include the talapia bakar (barbecued talapia), siakap stim (steamed siakap) and sambal udang petai (prawn sambal with petai).

HM Sri Bagan Sepang
Pix: Tourism Selangor / wahadayatulaswaomn

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