Lakeside Lure @ Sepang

Sepang is probably the first stop and first glimpse of Malaysia for most visitors to the country as they disembark from their planes at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) which is located within the district.

If you happen to peek out of the window as your flight reduces altitude over Sepang just before landing, you’d see the sea, a shoreline, swathes of agricultural land planted with mostly oil palm trees, a solar-power plant, the Sepang F1 circuit, roads, lanes and highways, modern buildings, the dazzling domes of mosques, lakes, rivers and and rows of houses amongst other things. (Will share these shots soon!)

With a population over 190,889, Sepang first began to develop as a town in Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi.

It is renown globally for the international motorsports events held at the Sepang International Circuit which until 2017 hosted the Formula 1 Peteonas Malaysia Grand Prix. This venue still hosts local and international events.

A few kilometres away from the two airports in Sepang (KLIA 1 & KLIA2) is the Mitsui Outlet Mall – a premium outlet and shopping haven for locals and tourists alike.

So for locals who want to limit international travel and explore domestic destinations, or if you’re on a long transit at KLIA – consider a day trip to Sepang.

The folks at Tourism Selangor have pieced together an itinerary and based on this, in my next posts, I will share with your my favourite spots, pictures and experiences in Sepang.

One of this, as many of you might already know, is the Cyberjaya Lake Gardens which also happens to be a great spot for birdwatching among other activities.

There was a troop of monkeys around the park during the lockdown but I haven’t seen these furry ‘friends’ since the crowds returned.

Some furry ‘friends’ we encountered during the lockdown period

This park which is situated along a river and next to a swamp has an array of interesting flora and fauna.

Swamp area next to the park

There are an array of trees including eucalyptus trees, fruit trees, flowering shrubs and lotus ponds in which you may spot fish and terrapin if you look closely.

Lotus pads covers sections of the Cyberjaya lake

It also has wide jogging and cycling spots, barbecue pits and a huge children’s play area.

Wide jogging tracks in some sections
Sunset at Taman Tasik Cyberjaya
View at the entrance of the park
Jackfruit at Taman Tasik Cyberjaya
Eucalyptus trees at the entrance of the park
Pitcher plant at the park
Jacaranda flowers at the park
A quiet spot shaded by frangipani trees
Sunset over the lake

For more on Sepang and places to visit in Selangor go to:


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