Gopeng’s Legendary Love Tree

Hidden in the midst of HOGA Gaharu Tea Valley’s lush agarwood plantation in Gopeng are two intertwined trees dubbed by locals around the area as the ‘Lovers Tree.’

Gopeng’s Lover’s Tree

According to local legend, many moons ago, this was the meeting place for a pair of lovers – a local boy and the daughter of a colonial plantation owner.

No one knows how their story ended but the trees who witnessed this forbidden love are believed to bestow couples who visit this site – everlasting love.

Some may have a different interpretation for the intertwined Merbau and strangler fig or Banyan Tree (also known as Pokok Ara).

But whatever the story is, you won’t be able to miss the fact that these two trees that cling together have grown a beautiful canopy resembling the shape of a heart.

The heart shaped canopy

It is a favourite photo stop for visitors at the HOGA plantation, especially couples hoping to be blessed with eternal love.

A special thanks to Gopeng Heritage & Tourism Association members, My Hometown Gopeng, and HOGA Gaharu Tea Valley for the tour of Gopeng’s Gaharu plantation which cultivates Gopeng’s very own Gaharu Gopeng variety.

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