Food Trail: Seaside Sojourn

The current global lockdown is going to force most of us to grow roots where we are right now. I for one am going to make the best of it by exploring my own backyard.

Over the next few days I will be exploring the Kuala Langat district in Selangor – with some pointers from Tourism Selangor.

One of my favourite spots in this district is Restaurant Assam Batu Laut. It is a hidden, but popular stop for those who use the roads less travelled.

View of Straits of Melaka from the restaurant

Located in Kampung Batu Laut just off the coastal road between Tanjung Sepat and Morib, it is situated next to a mangrove swamp and fishermen’s jetty with a view of the Straits of Melaka, passing ships and fishing boats.

Mangrove swamp in front of the restaurant

The ambiance is a bonus to the scrumptious food that of course includes fresh catch of the day from the fishing village next door. The dishes are prepared with a variety of local ingredients.

Dry Chilli Chicken
Fried sweet sour fish
Steamed Lala (Pix:
Butter prawns
Sizzling tofu
Seat with a view in and outside the restaurant

While this place is open for dinner, I would recommend a stop for lunch as the view of the straits is definitely a draw, and once you have finished your meal I would recommend a walk through the fishermen’s jetty for some nice photo opportunities.

Fishing boats docked at Kampung Batu Laut

This restaurant has a wide selection on its menu but the popular ones are the Asam Steamed Snapper Fish and Steam Garoupa served with minced ginger.

Food is halal so there is a good mixed crowd at the restaurant. It has been dubbed as the best seafood restaurant in Kuala Langat, but I will leave that to your judgement. Do check it out and me know what you think!

Mangrove swamp in front of the restaurant


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