Centuries Old Stopover

Apartmentos Abat Marcet (Cel.les Abat Marcet) has been housing pilgrims visiting Montserrat for centuries.

It was refurbished in the 1960s and named Apartmentos Abat Marcet after the Abbot of Montserrat – Abbot Marcet (1912-1946).

It is a simply furnished apartment with a kitchenette (including a fridge, stove, microwave and cutlery), bath and toilet, hall cum dining area, with plenty of storage cupboards for luggage.

The Basilica is literally as 2-3minute walk from the apartment block.

It is located at the foot of the serrated peaks of Montserrat and (depending on which room you get) comes with a beautiful view of the Llobregat Valley below.

The TV is connected to the Basilica so you can follow the prayers, mass and ceremonies taking place – real time.

There are also many channels to watch – but mostly Spanish news and television channels.

But forget the TV! It will be such a waste to live in such a beautiful setting but hole yourself up in a room watching TV all day.

Stock up with food and bites if you plan on cooking in the apartment, as the shops in the area are not stocked with provisions.

Though it might be a better idea to pack some delicious food prepared at the Montserrat cafe for later instead of cooking at the apartment.

There are a few option when it comes to apartment sizes. Check: https://www.montserratvisita.com/en/organize-the-visit/where-to-sleep/celles-abat-marcet

We booked our apartment on Booking.com which is our go to hotel and accommodation bookings site.

There are also options for hotel rooms which are even closer to the entrance to the Basilica.

Montserrat accommodations are located at the end of this square in front of the Basilica

Montserrat is definitely one of my favourite sites – mysterious, mesmerising and peaceful, and staying in the cell where thousands of pilgrims before me had come to find that same peace and fulfilment make it all the more special.

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