Liquid Light: Liverpool Docks

My first impression of Liverpool was how industrial the Merseyside shoreline looked.

But one needs to appreciate the history of Liverpool and how this city impacted global trade and migration.

The Merseyside Maritime Museum and the Docks are the best place to start – if you’re visiting Liverpool for the first time.

Above is one of my favourite pictures of Albert Docks that at one time was a thriving warehouse holding locally produced goods for export and exotic goods from colonies of the British empire all over the world.

It was a gloomy evening but the reflection of the lights at Albert Docks gave a unique liquid like property to the reflection of the old but refurbished brick warehouses and the Liverpool eye on the water.

Above is a picture of Albert Dock pump house.

Liverpool was also a gathering point for the slave trade which was later abolished, and also a migration point for those in Europe seeking a better life in the new world (America).

Liverpool was also once home to shipping companies such as White Star Line which built the Titanic and Cunard.

The shipping industry here was unable to accommodate the larger vessels and tankers of the early 20th century and this once thriving port gradually lost its relevance.

The RMS Carpathia which saved over 700 passengers of the sunken Titanic was part of Cunard’s fleet. (Cunard building in picture above).

After five days in this city I had a newfound appreciation for the contribution of this city and the people here.

Trade, migration, football and music – Liverpool has a story on it all. All these give it a unique character like no other city in the UK.

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  1. Choi says:

    I dont get to venture to europe / uk much so thanks for sharing. The only thing i know about liverpool is their football club lol


  2. Choi says:

    I dont get to visit europe / uk much so thanks for sharing. The only thing i know about liverpool is their football club lool


    1. Of course! 😂 … Shhhh! I have many MU fans in my midst 🤫 … they’re hardcore!


    2. I visited the Anfield stadium – will post something on this soon! ✌🏽

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Choi says:

        Haha cool. And yeah man u fans are everywhere!


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