Set-Jetting: West Bay, Dorset.

Like my previous post on Port Isaac in Cornwall, West Bay in Dorset, England was hardly on our list of travel destinations until one lazy afternoon of Netflixing which got us hooked on British crime drama ‘Broadchurch’. The intriguing twists and plot got us hooked on the series and the fictitious town of Broadchurch which…

Sunset @ The Datai

The harmonious sounds of the sea, gentle breeze and night sounds from the forest @
The Datai Langkawi

City Break: Avani Sepang Gold Coast

The beachs in the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia are hardly mentioned in tourist brochures. Not surprising, as these beaches are hardly comparable to its counterpart on the East Coast which are cleaner, more picturesque with powdery white sand and beautiful diving and snorkelling sites with teeming varieties of marine life. The West coast beaches…