Colours of George Town: Heritage Tiles

There is always something new and fascinating to discover every time I walk along the streets and alleys of George Town in Penang Island.

I often walk down the lanes of this UNESCO listed city at night. A night walk has its appeal, the cooler climate, the quiet streets, the glow of ornamental lanterns, the reflection off the waters of the strait of Penang, the charm of floodlit heritage buildings, as well as eerie vibes from abandoned ones.

Some shots taken at nightfall: Down Love Lane

23 Love Lane
Cruise ships docked at Weld Quay
The beauty of Penang’s Town Hall is enhanced by floodlights at night.
An eerie abandoned bungalow next to the Penang Club.

The quiet streets in the absence of noisy traffic and vehicles,  allows one to hear hushed sounds of the city.

Love Lane, George Town

But the shadows do hide some features, which is why I may have missed the beautiful, bright and colourful antique tiles – referred to locally as ‘Peranakan tiles’ or ‘Nyonya tiles’.

Mostly visible along the five foot ways of old shop houses in George Town, these tiles decorate the dados – just below the ornate windows of the traditional shophouses.

Some of the tiles in the pictures below are original tiles probably installed in the late 1800s or early 1900s. Others are more modern replicas of the geometric design tiles. 

Find out more about George Town’s antique Peranakan Tiles and why it is rare & unique: Pieces of George Town’s Opulent Past

Imported English Tiles (Floor & Wall)
Original Victorian Tiles (England)
Local Malaysian Made Tiles
Made in China Modern Tiles
Modern Tiles Manufactured in China
Art Nouveau Tiles (England)
Art Nouveau Wall Tiles
High Relief Tiles (England)
Dust Pressed Tiles (England)
Transfer Printing (England)
English Tiles
Dust Pressed (England)
Imported from England
Japanese Tiles
Wall Tiles Imported From Japan
English Tiles
English Tiles
Made in England
Made in England
Modern Tiles
Made in England

More on George Town’s antique Peranakan Tiles: Pieces of George Town’s Opulent Past


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