Down Memory Lane: University of Malaya

A quest to find a book that I have been searching for over the last two years brought me back to my Alma Mater – the University of Malaya where I laid the foundation for a career in journalism, and where my interest in history and heritage were honed.

It was a 35 degree Celsius hot and humid afternoon, and the cooperative bookstore I thought I would find my book in was not only closed, but had a notice to creditors posted outside (not quite sure about the background on this).

Notice to creditors

A student told me the book shop was now in another building, but it was just not my day because this store – run by University Malaya Press had just moved to a new venue next to ‘University House’, a few days prior.


But when I got there the, the store ‘Halaman Penerbit Universiti Malaya’ was shut for Friday prayers until 2.30pm. Definitely not my day!


So to make my drive there worthwhile, I decided to check out the usual ‘hang out’ spots in Universiti Malaya when I was a student. The campus was quiet as it is now between semesters.

Much has changed though, even the department for my major – Media & Communication Studies, has been moved to another building.

Here are just some views of my alma mater:

The Campus Lake
Campus Clinic
Mini open air auditorium
I remember being all nerves here for a class presentation! 😅
Perdana Siswa – A place for food and fellowship
This is new. No selfies during my time there. Phones had no cameras then – if you had one.
The entrance to the Arts & Social Sciences Faculty, University of Malaya
To the lecture halls. I could dart up these steps at one time, but not too kind to my knees today 😂
What used to be a point for our posse after classes.
One of my favourite spots – the History Department
Another favourite spot and hideout – the English Department where I spent two years as a minor in English Literature.
Where I spent the most time – the Media and Communications Department (my major)
A place of solitude the campus lake
This is new – wish we had a treehouse then too
Dewan Tunku Chanselor where our graduation ceremonies are held
Side view – Dewan Tunku Chanselor
Another selfie spot – for new graduates.
Photo spot for those graduating in 2023
Limited edition Universiti Malaya Monopoly board game at the ‘Halaman Penerbit Universiti Malaya’
Where to next?

… and no, I didn’t find the book I wanted but didn’t come away empty handed either! 😊💖


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