Coffee Tea anyone?

No, I’m not talking about the Malaysian favourite tea and coffee combo Cham (which is an abbreviation of the Malay word campur which translates to mix).

Coffee tea is an infusion of coffee tree flowers – a lucrative produce for the villagers of Kampung Baru Kopisan near the town of Gopeng in Perak.

Processed & dried coffee flowers

Fresh coffee flowers on a coffee tree.
Pix source: Marcelo Corrêa • CC-BY-SA-3.0

The townsfolk here are still very much used to their local cup of coffee, usually roasted over charcoal fire with margarine and brown sugar.

We had a few cups courtesy of our hosts from the Gopeng Cultural and Heritage society.

It tasted similar to a fusion of jasmine and vanilla tea.

The coffee flowers are grown and harvested for sale to China where there is a huge demand for coffee flower tea.

The flowers can fetch up to RM1,500 (USD345) per kg.

Coffee flower and beans

The coffee flowers in Kampung Baru Kopisan are harvested and processed for sale by Kopi 3 Enterprise located at 117, Lorong Jelapang 40.

Phone: +6016-526 8361.



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