Fine French Fusion Fare

A lazy Saturday at Cafe-Bistrot David with good friends is all we needed after such a drama fuelled week in the country.


Calling in that morning to book a table, we were told that the restaurant was fully booked for lunch and the next available time was 2.30pm. A perfect excuse to sleep in!

Roast Duck with Bone Jus and Basmati Rice

The restaurant was packed when we walked in, and I totally understand why. So remember to make a reservation if you’re planning to stop by.

Kodawari Eggs Benedict

The food is one thing, but when an ambience in an eatery is cosy – after a nice meal, a good cup of coffee in hand & great company to boot – it will be hard to leave.

A nightmare if you’re a business owner though, as managing the crowd turnover is indeed a challenge.

The cafe is designed and owned by David Chin (who set up Dave’s Deli almost 30 years ago) together with his son Darren.

The deco includes a feature blue curved ceiling panel smudged with gold foil and accentuated by warm lighting.

Black and white illustrations by his daughter Sharon Chin hang on the wall together with black and white photographs by local photojournalist SC Shekar.

A wide selection of coffee, tea, wines & cocktails

From the looks and feel of this ‘experimental’ French bistro seems to have paid off.

When asked if David’s can be described as a French fusion restaurant, David says: I just want to serve good food lah!

Which explains the clams with Asian dressing (lime and chilli) and the roast ducks hanging in the window Peking duck style. And there’s the day’s special: laksa by Darren’s mother in law

Clams tossed with herbs and tomato served with home made chili
With David (left) and our fellow foodies

The food is fresh and you can tell it is made with quality ingredients.

There is also a wide selection of soft and fluffy pastries if you fancy something light.

My favourite was Darren’s take on a Dave’s Deli original – the Roast Chicken 1989 2.0 and the Roast Duck.

I’m already planning my next visit for a taste of the pies, burgers and sandwiches.

For more details visit:


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