Malabar Monsoon Adventure

As we were boarding the flight for our two week trip to Kerala, I scrolled through the weather report and was a little concerned that rain was expected throughout our trip that included a drive up to the highlands in Munnar, the forests of Thekkady and the backwaters of Allappuza in addition to Fort Kochi.

Most of these sites are located along the Malabar Coast.

I love the rain and the way it washes everything clean and the fresh scent of wet vegetation after a downpour – but it is not fun when you’re on holiday and fighting for time to do and see as much as your can.

Thankfully, it rained mostly at night except for the last two days when it poured cats and dogs at our stop in Cherai Beach.

The sea was terrifyingly rough and the backwaters foreboding.

But all the same I loved the freshness of the air, and clean green hues of nature after a downpour.

Below are pictures and a video of our Malabar Monsoon Adventure.


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