Queenstown, Singapore

Queenstown in Singapore holds a lot of pleasant memories.

I spent quite a number of school holidays at my Aunt’s Singapore Housing Development Board (HDB) flat along Margaret Drive.

The Queenstown Public Library was my favourite spot in addition to the NTUC Fairprice store – both a 10 minute walk from the flat.

I witnessed the changing Queenstown & Queensway skyline and neighbourhood over the years.

I saw the Queensway cinema transform into a church and saw the MRT line running along the connecting Commonwealth Avenue take shape.

The flat has since been demolished and my aunt moved across the road to Tanglin Halt.

Today, as the MRT passed between the Queenstown and Commonwealth stations, I noticed a new development taking shape at my aunt’s old flat site – dubbed as Margaret Ville.

I’m pretty sure this will further change the Queenstown skyline.

For now, my marker is still the old Queensway Cinema and the Queensway Secondary School.


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