Fitzroy Summer Blooms

I’m more of a couch potato, eager to spend my weekends lazing on the sofa – trying to complete the final season of Breaking Bad and the Vikings.

Though it was excruciating getting through the finals of ‘Once Upon A Time’ (one of those series which you kick yourself for wasting your life on!)

I am always fitter when I travel – more walking and less couching.

The long daylight hours of summer on a recent trip to Melbourne was perfect for long walks through the historic city, the pockets of green areas in it, and along the Yarra river that runs through it. The bright summer blooms are a bonus.

Below are some pictures of our recent afternoon walk through Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

It’s not a botanic or flower garden per se, but there was a small conservatory with beautiful bright blooms.

I’m no no botanist, so except for the hydrangeas and white blooms labelled ‘impatiens’ I’m not entirely sure what these flowers or plants are called. But do drop me a line if you recognise any of it.



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