Bon Nadal Andorra La Vella

Folks in the highest capital city in Europe Andorra La Vella (3,356ft) gear up for the Christmas market at Placa del Poble in the historic quarter of the city this weekend.

The Christmas season festivities will start this weekend all over this small country (just over 450sq km) in the Pyrenees mountains – with a population of 78,000 people.


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  1. I had no idea of this place. I thought that Spain flowed into France with mono other countries between them. How wonderful to learn of this place and see those mountains.


    1. Yes, we too happened to read about it while researching what to do in Barcelona and decided to stop by.
      It was a beautiful drive to the Pyrenees mountains.
      Andorra La Vella itself seems very commercialised as it is known more for duty free shopping.
      We will be heading out of the city tomorrow and hope to see the rural parts of this country. Will update on this later 😊

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