Eerie Ruins by the Sea: Al-Jumail

Qatar does not have much of a rich and spectacular history as it’s neighbours in the region.

This county was once home to migratory Bedouin tribes, fishermen and pearl divers who built small settlements along its coastline – trading their finds with passing land and sea traders.

Unlike the surrounding regions, this area does not feature much in terms of ancient historical monuments.

Qatar’s low profile in the region changed following the discovery of large swathes of oil and gas reserves in it’s territory in the late 1950s.

A lot of the coastal settlements were abandoned as the inhabitants moved to the cities to profit from the new found opportunities and economic boom.

One such settlement is Al-Jumail, about two hours away from Doha, this abandoned village is tucked away in a desert along the shores of the Persian Gulf.

Founded in the 19th century, this quaint village was most likely a take-off and trading point between Qatar and the Island of Baharin.

It was a full fledged village with a mosque and homes that were inhabited well into the 20th century, prior to the economic boom that the petroleum and gas industry brought along.

There ruins of traditional houses, and the prominent minaret and mosque in the centre of the village are the most profound feature of this abandoned village.

Shards of pottery, beads, and broken glass can still be found in the vicinity.





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  1. What a beautiful sunset or sunrise the people had. It is so sad to see abandoned places. But, when I visit them, I can almost see the people and feel their presence, the laugher and sense of community. I might be a little too imaginative.

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    1. I usually do too. But this place was different – it was a little haunting / spooky 😅
      Probably my twisted imagination … 😊


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