Mythical Langkawi (via Ferry)

It’s been 15 years since we last visited Langkawi Island, the mythical island believed to have been cursed for seven generations by a young woman – Mahsuri – who was falsely accused of adultery.

Locals believe the curse has been lifted as the island began to prosper over the last few decades after at least two centuries of bad fortune.

While it might have been easier to fly to Langkawi from our base in Kuala Lumpur, we were already in Penang for work.

It would take us just 90 minutes to drive from Penang to Kuala Kedah – one of three points of entry into Langkawi. The other two are Penang and Kuala Perlis.

Kota Kuala Kedah Lighthouse built by the Siamese in1891

While it takes just 1.5 hours for a ferry ride to Langkawi from Kuala Kedah, the ride from Penang is 2.5 hours, and 45 mins from Kuala Perlis (which is a further drive from Penang).

There are two other entry points from Satun and Koh Lipe in Thailand.

For more on ferry schedule and fares to Langkawi visit:

For us it made more sense to drive to Kuala Kedah.The exit point from the North-South (PLUS) Highway is exit 177 (Alor Setar Selatan).

Parking at most covered and uncovered parking lots at the Kuala Kedah jetty vicinity costs about RM10 (RM2.41) per day.

A small fishing village & boats next to the jetty

Cost of a one way ferry ride to Langkawi from Kuala Kedah was RM23 (USD5.55) per person.

Ferry to Langkawi from Kuala Kedah

Seating is numbered – so no mad rush there.

Our entertainment was popular Hindi flick – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai – on a shared screen at the front of the cabin – an ancient movie but one that is popular with all races in Malaysian – we know it by heart so we get to ignore the poor sound system and the fact that the screen is too far away to read the subtitles 😅

Phone and data service is bad once you’re in the Straits of Melaka, and there is no WiFi on board – so download a movie or bring a book!

Langkawi ferry terminal
Sunset at Chenang Beach

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