Patience: Is it worth it?

When I read the daily prompt for today, I laughed out loud. Patience? This was exactly what I was losing following an exasperating month of writer’s block and doubt over whether all my blogging endeavors were worth it.

The readership is growing but not as fast as I was expecting it to, and it’s not exactly an income generating pursuit yet.

Is it worth all my time and effort?

I started this blog almost a year and a half ago, sometime after I left full-time journalism, the comforts of a newsroom, and support from a team of IT experts who often rescued me from follies with my laptop, desktop and phones.

Truth is, I only needed simple computer skills to type out my stories, attached pictures and email these to the editors at the desk. The photographers, layout artist, sub-editors and graphic designers handled the rest. I only needed to surf the web for added research for my articles.

Thus, it took me some time to set up my own blog and learn the ropes before I went live. Also because of my journalism background, I seem to spend the bulk of my time researching and verifying facts before I post articles (I still hear my editors barking instructions about accuracy into my ear even now).

I do get a lot of support and encouragement from friends, family, former colleagues and other bloggers, and likewise I do have a fair share of questions that make me pause and wonder if I have taken a wrong turn and headed down some strange route that will eventually lead me to a dead end somewhere.

But I’d like to think there are no dead ends and I’m not one keen on going into reverse either, so if I reach a river then I guess I’ll just have to build a raft and get across, hop on a ship when I reach the sea and climb over a hill or mountain, walk around it … whatever it takes.

Now, if I can only find the Patience to do that …

One of my favourite pictures of a Robin in Broomfield Park that took a lot of patience (and breadcrumbs) to shoot but well worth the effort

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  1. What I liked about this post is the determinationa and tenacity that it displays. No matter what, you will keep going forward. It is a lesson for everyone. I also wanted to thank you for following Douglas and me. It means do much to us.


    1. Thanks Regina. Sometimes i just wonder if anyone is listening or if I’m just being self absorbed 😄 … glad to know you liked the post.
      It is my pleasure to follow Douglas and you. I love the honest and inspiring stories you share. Looking forward to more 😊


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