Southern Sojourn

Kukup, is a little known seaside town in the southernmost state of Johor in Malaysia.

More importantly, Tanjung (Cape) Piai which is a short drive away from Kukup, marks the southernmost tip of the Asian continent.

Entry to Tanjung Piai which marks the southern most tip of the Asian continent

Kukup is not the place you come to if lounging by a white sandy beach with a swim in the sea is what you are looking for.

Contrary to that, you will find the beaches here quite unappealing – with coarse brownish sand and peat swamps surrounding it.

A pathway to the southern most tip of the Asian continent through the peat swamp in flooded with water during high tide
The peat swamp is rich with marine life which makes the waters around it an ideal fishing spot

This peat swamp is what maintains the ecological balance that is needed to keep the marine life in that area thriving in abundance.


Thus, Kukup is the place you come to if you are looking for fresh seafood and a walk through nature at the Tanjung Piai National Park or the Kukup Island Park (a RAMSAR site) which a short boat ride away from the Kukup jetty.

Rich marine life is sustained by peat swamps in the area
Rich marine life is sustained by peat swamps in the area
Raised walkways through the Tanjung Piai National park allows visitors to view the plants, animals, fish, shellfish and molluscs that make up the biodiversity of the area.
Sea snails in the peat swamp
Raised platforms form walkways through Tanjung Piai National Park

The Kukup jetty is an international jetty from which ferries bound for Tanjung Balai in Indonesia depart from.

Kukup jetty

Kukup has no fancy resorts and hotels, but plenty of home-stays and small family run hotels and accommodations.

The fishermen’s village in Kukup is itself quite unique. It is more of a floating village or rather a village on stilts known as the Kampung Nelayan Air Masin (translated, it means: salty water fishermen’s village) with homes, restaurants, markets, temples, hotels, shops, hair salons and an array of structures built on stilts over the shoreline.

A boatload of tourist pulls into the jetty of a restaurant in Kampung Air Masin 
Rugged and basic accomodation in the floating village
Salted puffer fish on sale at the morning market in Kampung Air Masin
The morning market in Kampung Air Masin
Houses on concrete stilts at Kampung Air Masin, Kukup
A typical scene at Kampung Air Masin, Kukup
A hair saloon at Kampung Air Masin, Kukup
Morning market, Kampung Air Masin, Kukup
A traditional wooden home at Kampung Air Masin, Kukup
Village over water, Kampung Air Masin, Kukup
A temple over water in Kampung Air Masin, Kukup
Village over water in Kampung Air Masin, Kukup
Pineapples from Pontian, Johor which is a major pineapple producing district in Malaysia.

Just off the shoreline of Kukup jetty and Pulau Kukup are fish farms which take advantage of the rich marine biodiversity from the peat swamps in its surrounding areas.

Nature lover’s haven – Pulau Kukup National Park
Bird watcher’s paradise- Pulau Kukup National Park
Bird watcher’s paradise – Pulau Kukup National Park


Fish farms off Kukup and Pulau Kukup shoreline thrive because of the rich biodiversity in the area.
A fish farm just off Kukup’s shoreline
Fish Farm just off Kukup shoreline
Visitors exploring the fish farm

The seafood here is a little on the pricey side as it caters for tourist from Singapore who usually find it a steal to be able to enjoy fresh and delicious seafood for the price they pay after converting their Singapore Dollars.

Fresh seafood prepared in an array of Malaysian flavours


Entrance into the Air Masin Fishing village.





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