Winter walk: Cambridge 

It was supposed to be a day trip of exploring Cambridge and meeting up with friends, but the unpredictable English weather decided to throw a spanner in the works – leaving us with the option of either staying indoors or gritting our teeth and fight the damp cold to explore parts of this historic university city.

Cobblestone streets in Cambridge near Trinity College

So grit out teeth we did and explored the major spots, renown collleges and beautiful architecture of this 13th century institution. Prior to that it was a trading centre during the Viking era.



Outside the Trinity College Chapel
Trinity College
Trinity College Courtyard
Trinity College Courtyard
Stained glass – Trinity College Chapel


A descendant of the famous apple tree that led to the discovery of gravity by Isaac Newton – just outside Trinity College of which he is an alumni.

Statue of Isaac Newton, together with statues and lists of other famous Trinity College alumni at the college’s ante-chapel

Trinity College ante-chapel, which honors famous alumni from this college. 



It was a pity that the King’s college was closed to the public the day we were there but we managed to capture the beautiful architecture from the outside.

Kings College chapel exterior
King’s College entrance
King’s College exterior (right)
King’s College exterior
King’s College chapel exterior


A peaceful and quiet place for prayer and silent retreat
mother mary
Statue of Mother Mary with the Child Jesus, believed to have been excavated during construction of Emmanuel College which was built in the site of a 13th century Dominican Priory.



One of the more modern fixtures in Cambridge, it’s face is gold plated and mimics ripples created when a stone is dropped in liquid, and also alludes the Big Bang that created the universe.

The rather bizarre monstrous insect above it is dubbed as the ‘Chronophage’ or the time eater.

It was unveiled on Sept 19, 2008 by Cambridge physicist Stephen Hawking.


FITZBILLIES (famous Chelsea bun)

The Fitzbillies Chelsea bun, topped with a gooey sugar syrup, is apparently a must have for first timers in Cambridge. Goes well with a cup of piping hit black coffee – especially on a wet winter’s day. Fitzbillies has been an institution in Cambridge since 1921.

Chelsea bun

(R-L) With our friends Father Clarence and Ganesh

There’s still a lot more of Cambridge to explore, and that’s more than enough reason for a return visit – preferably when it’s warmer.


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