Kick-ass Coffee

Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) is known as the most expensive coffee in the world.

For those from the Asean region, especially Indonesia and Vietnam, Kopi Luwak is not an unfamiliar beverage. It is basically made from coffee beans derived from the feces of civet cats.

Insomniac civet cat – awake in daylight

The beans are ingested by the civet cat, a nocturnal animal that forages for food during the night, and sleeps during the day.


Pre-roasted coffee beans extracted from the feces of the Luwak

I consider myself quite adventurous when it comes to trying food and drinks and, I’ve drunk Vietnamese civet coffee (Ca phe chon) before, and had my fill of Acehnese and Balinese Kopi Luwak.

I loved the Vietnamese version which is served with condensed milk but felt the Balinese and Acehnese version was a tad bit acidic. Maybe it’s just my home grown, Malaysian love for condensed milk with beverages.


A selection of drinks, including Kopi Luwak served up for visitors to the Agrowisata farm in Bali


However, after visiting the Agrowisata farm in Bali and looking at the raw form of coffee beans just deposited from the backside of a civet cat, I’m not too sure if I’d like to replenish my civet coffee supply. Hearing about how it’s made and seeing it for yourself are two different things.


Civet cat feces laden with coffee beans
Civet Cat


Ask me again, after I have had another sip of my favorite Vietnamese blend – with plenty of condensed milk!



Trying my had at coffee roasting at the Agrowisata farm, Bali











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