Food Trail: Bangkok

One of the hardest places to stick to a diet plan would be Bangkok. I never had a bad meal over the few days we were there in early February 2023.

It was good to have family members and friends based in Bangkok take us around and introduce us to a wide variety of Thai food – beyond the usual Tom Yam,  Pad Thai and oyster omelette.

In addition to the local fare, there are also a variety of artisan cafes which seem to be popular with both tourists & locals, serving up fusion food and pastries – western food with a Thai twist.

Here are some of our favourite spots:

Anya Authentic Thai Cuisine

Chilled Rice Cooked with Jasmine Water & Rose Petals.

This spot serves a different take on the usual hot, spicy and sour Thai cuisine. While these flavours and options are present, it was even more interesting to explore what is deemed as ‘royal food’. Dishes prepared and served to generations of Thai royalty.

Appetizer Platter

This platter is a collection of favourite appetizers – the Ma Hor Chon Thing (pineapple and minced pork garnished with chili and coriander), Moo Sarong (deep fried Chinese noodles with pork filling), Thung Tong or Thai money bag (Thai spring roll made with chicken, mushroom, carrot, cabbage, onion and glass noodle, Gung Hom Sabai (Deep fried shrimp wrapped with Chinese noodles) and Mhi Krob Anya (Thai crispy noodle in sweet and sour sauce).

Ma Hor Chon Thing

Kao Chae Chao Wang which consists of jasmine rice smoked and cooked in jasmine water and rose petals, served with shrimp paste omelette, fried stingray, shredded pork, sweet radish, and shrimp and chicken wrapped with bell pepper. This dish is usually a summer dish made with chilled rice and condiments & is a traditional Songkran festival dish for the Mon ethnic group. It became a favourite feature in the Thai Royal menu, earning it the reputation of being a palace dish.

Rice cooked in Jasmine water
Kao Chae Chao Wang

Kanom Jeen Saw Nam – rice noodle with pineapple, fishball in coconut milk served with fresh garlic, ginger, chili and fish.

Kanom Keen Saw Nam

Tom Kathi Sai Bua Pla Too (Coconut Soup With Steamed Mackerel Fish And Lotus Stem)

Tom Kathi Sai Bua Pla Too

Kaeng Liang Goong Sod (Spicy Clear Soup With Vegetable And Prawns)

Kaeng Liang Goong Sod

Lon Nuer Poo

One of Anya’s wide variety of beautifully carved fresh, Thai vegetables with its hand-pounded traditional dips including shrimp-paste chili dip (served with mackerel and tender eggy quiche), mango-chili dips (served with flaked-and-fried gourami), chili paste with pork rinds, and sweet-and-coconutty crab meat dip.

Lon Nuer Poo

Spicy Salad With Pomelo & Prawns

Pomelo & prawn salad

Grilled Australian Beef With Chili Sauce & Spicy Cucumber Salad

Grilled Beef


I was spoilt for choice just looking at the juice selection. So I opted for what I had never tried before the Bael Juice, over lemongrass and pandan, roselle, kaffir lime and honey, kumquat soda with plum,  butterfly pea and lime and Thai milk.

Sarnies Bangkok

Sarnies Bangkok is set in an old boat repair shop a short walk from the banks of the Chao Praya River in Bangrak district. It is a popular spot for locals and tourist alike to grab a cup of coffee, drinks, pastries and an array of local, western and fusion dishes.

Sarnies Bangkok
Sarnies Bangkok Interior
Tom Yum Eggs Benedict
Spicy Local Sausage Toast
Sarnies Bangkok Interior
Chao Praya River – a short walk from Sarnies Bangkok.

Sarnies Sourdough

Sarnies Sourdough is a short walk from Sarnies Bangkok, and is located in a small shop lot along  Charoen Krung 42/1 Alley and is the bakery that supplies Sarnies outlets all around Bangkok with pastries and baked goodies.

Smoked Salmon Croissant
Plain Croissant with Butter
Chilli Jam Eggs Benedict
White Coffee Lemonade
Dirty Coffee
Banoffee Latte

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  1. Reaseaorg says:

    So much to feast your eyes on 🙂

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    1. Yes, truly a treat for the senses – beautiful presentation, aromas and burst of flavours! 😊💖

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      1. Reaseaorg says:

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