Walking Trails: Port Isaac Circular Trail, Cornwall

Blame the rude doctor for our foray into the Cornish countryside where irate residents would exclaim – Ooooooh! Doc Martin! With a little bit of an eye-roll before they give directions to lost visitors.

Yes, we were set-jetting through Port Isaac, the filming location for TV series Doc Martin in which the fishing village is known as Port Wenn where the shenanigans of the brash Doctor Ellingham and the quirky townsfolk clash.

I will write more on the town and the Cornish countryside but as promised last week, here are some of the sights along the circular walking trail from Port Isaac, along the coast to Port Gaverne, through fields, forest, along streams and pastures before entering the road to Port Isaac Mill and on to Church Hill that leads back to the village.

Anyone who grew up reading Enid Blyton will remember how she describes the cliffs, the sea and the mysterious smuggler’s caves along the coast.

Be prepared to climb over fences on these walks through the countryside

Wildlife you may encounter along the way

Scenes along the Port Isaac Circular Walking Trail (Video)


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