Thai Treats @ The Golden Triangle, Juru

No one thinks of Thai food as a meal option – not when in Penang, thought it is one of the closest states to our northern neighbour Thailand.

Also … would not stop raving on and on about this place in Juru Auto City (Penang mainland). So we decided to give it a go.

It was a quiet weekday when we got in to the Golden Triangle Indocine Restaurant in Juru Auto City.  We were greeted by the owner Nina who was frantically trying to sort out several orders for delivery.

The pork free menu had a lot of variety and dishes can be tweaked for vegetarians and people with special dietary needs – if required.

This was our pick and we were definitely not disappointed!:

Otak-otak Seafood Curry
Red Curry Snapper
Prawn Sambal
Dry Chili Mantis Prawn
Green Thai Basil Chicken
Seafood Tom Yam
Kaila With Salted Fish
Home Made Coconut Ice-cream
Snow Pearl Coconut Blend

Cost of the meal: Just over RM200 for the dishes, drink and dessert (pics above), three plates of rice and jasmine tea.

Am glad we went along with ‘s suggestion! Will definitely be back here for more.

For more details and seasonal specials visit: Golden Triangle Juru Auto City


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