Adventure In Uncertain Times

It’s been a while since my last post and since then I’ve moved more than 10,000 kilometres from my home in Kuala Lumpur amid a pandemic, and so much uncertainty. It was a mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting move.

The decision was not one of the easiest ones. I started applying for my MA Heritage Management course in Bath in November last year.

It not been easy with so many hurdles to get past – university applications, written submissions, visa applications, scholarship applications, health checks, travel and accommodation arrangements   in a time when flights are few and far between 😅. Daunting but a relief once each had been overcome.

The world was a different place when I started this quest. So much has changed since then.

For me the hardest part was the thought of being apart from my loved ones in a time when there are just too many travel restrictions in place.

But it is with their blessings and encouragement to press ahead with this quest I had planned for almost two years ago, and embarked on a year ago that I have taken this leap of faith.

It has also been a blessing to have family and friends help me with my move.

So here I am in Bath, stating a new adventure in the midst of so many misadventures and “wth am I doing?” moments. It’s been a busy week spent in four cities – Kuala Lumpur, London, Bristol and Bath! I have much reading to catch up on and assignments to get cracking on.

Do follow me on my new journey, which I will try my best to share with you as often as I can. Wish me luck 🤞!

For now here are some pictures of an evening walk in Oldfield Park, Bath near my accomodation. Love the quaint old houses!❤️

Autumn Colours
A holly bush/tree


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  1. I wish you much success and joy.

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