Cherai Beach: After the Rain

If I could bottle my favourite scent I’d call it ‘After Rain’.

It will capture the fresh scent of wet grass, vegetation, palm frond, fresh earth and the subtle scent of tropical flowers.

The scent of nature scrubbed clean, and the fresh cool air especially after a heavy downpour.

The shots below were taken on a walk through a village in Cherai Beach, in the state of Kerala, India at the start of the monsoon season in May 2019.

The ‘after rain’ scent here had two extra sidekicks – the smell of the sea and the backwaters.

Cherai Beach is flanked by the Arabian Sea and Cherai lagoon (it’s backwaters) and is a favourite holiday and recreation spot for locals and tourists alike.

On our walk, we got caught in the rain again and sought shelter in this shrine and church along the narrow village road.

Post inspired by #Discover Prompts #Day 15 #Scent


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  1. ourcrossings says:

    It looks so beautiful even in the rain. Love seeing palm trees 😍


    1. Yes, the swish of wind through palm leaves before the rain is very calming. That reminds me, I forgot to mention that wet palm fronds give out a unique scent too!

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  2. Happy Panda says:

    Kerala is beautiful and it looks even prettier in the rains! I love the smell of rain. Atleast I used to, till I moved to Mumbai. It rains for 6 months straight here and by the end I’m just sick of the rain. 🙈


    1. Kerala is indeed beautiful & I plan to renew my travel visa and explore more of it after all this is over.
      I visited Mumbai at the tail end of the monsoon season last year. It has its own beauty despite the chaos – it’s a very organised chaos 😊
      I loved the buildings in Mumbai especially the Victoria terminus & the Taj Hotel.

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  3. Near to my home town. I remember one day me and friends were bored and decided to go for a late night ride to the beach.

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    1. It beautiful and quiet compared to Fort Kochi beach area where we stayed earlier.

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