Songs of Silence

I’m no homebody, so when the Movement Control Order (MCO) was enforced mid-March and extend into mid-April. I assumed that I would go a little bonkers in no time.

Oddly enough it’s been quite the opposite. Leaving the house to buy essentials has become quite a chore.

First there is the battle kit – sanitizers, sprays and masks to carry and don, the there are super long lines into the supermarkets which have limited the number of trolleys to avoid hoarding and bulk buying.

The weather has been crazy hot, except for rain in the evenings over the last two days.

So home has become a sanctuary of sorts. The peace and quiet had brought nature closer. Our alarm clock is now an odd bird (don’t know the species) that chirps outside our window every morning.

Then there’s the chance to catch up on some reading & movies and series, but what has kept us pretty much sane is music. Songs from our favourite singers and bands.

Over the last few week it has been The Cure, Cranberries, Annie Lennox, Queen, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Beatles, The Waterboys and random stuff that we pull out from our memory – songs that remind us of some event in the past.

My cousin has even started his own online station of which we are his main listeners and song requesters. 😂

There are at least three more weeks or more to go and there is still much in our to do list. Thankfully there is YouTube, Spotify and our dear cousins radio station to keep us grounded and our spirits up.


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