New Start to an Abrupt End

Fifteen years ago, my cousin Patricia and I signed up for Mandarin language classes at the YMCA Kuala Lumpur.

We were gung-ho about adding Mandarin to the list of our spoken languages – English, Malay, Malayalam and Tamil.

However, our enthusiasm to learn this lingo that is widely used in Malaysia came to an abrupt end when work and other commitments got in the way.

Patricia moved away to Singapore a few years ago and pursued Mandarin classes there, while I got caught up in more work and personal commitments.

During my travels, especially in countries like Taiwan and Hong Kong I wished I had picked up at least basic Mandarin conversation.

Over the years I’ve learnt that I need to snatch whatever window to breathe and pursue plans that I have – whenever the time or opportunity presents itself.

I’ve just stuck my head out of one of these windows to finish what I set out to do over a decade ago.

I signed up for Level 1 Mandarin classes over the next month and a half!

… and this time around I’m determined to complete the course! πŸ’ͺ🏽

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