Timeless Attraction

The 600 year-old astronomical clock at Prague’s old town hall has been drawing visitors for centuries.

Death strikes the hour, followed by the procession of apostles.

Installed in 1410, it is one of the oldest astronomical clocks in the world.

Every hour, hundreds of people gather to witness the movements of the figures on the clock that starts with the tolling of the funeral bell by the skeleton representing death.

As the bell tolls the 12 apostles peek out of the two windows above the clock dial.

Death also tilts an hourglass as three other figures – representing vanity (with a mirror), greed (wielding a stick and a pouch) and a Turk – move in tandem with the bell.

The movement of the figures ends when the doors close behind the last two apostles and the golden cockerel crows.

The clock then strikes the hour.


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