Sunrise over Cappadocia, Turkey (Video)

The most amazing way to take in the Cappadocian landscape dotted with mystical and breathtaking formations, valleys, gorges, farms, villages and landscape as the sun rises.

The balloon rides are scheduled for early morning before it gets too hot. So be prepared to wake up at an ungodly hour for your pick up.

The one hour balloon ride costs about 120 Euros per/person or 90 Euros depending on the time.

If you have a few days in Cappadocia don’t leave the balloon ride till the last few days as balloons can only take off with permission from the Department of Civil Aviation – if the weather and wind conditions permit.

Thus, there are days when the rides may be cancelled and your payment refunded. It is a better option to book early so that you can take the ride on another day if the earlier rides are cancelled.

There are several agencies offering hot air balloon ride in Goreme town area. Or just ask your hotel or home stay owner to help you book a ride.

A must do!





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