Flying Retro ✈️

My paternal uncle bought a house in SS14 Subang Jaya in the 1980s. At that time this neighbourhood was the Hounslow of Malaysia – and a hub for airport and airline staff.

Old and new Malaysia Airlines livery side by side

It’s proximity to then Subang International Airport meant that planes would be flying over your house every hour or less. That put off many house buyers but, not everyone views this as an issue.

As kids, we would stand in the garden of the corner terrace house and watch as planes approached the neighbourhood.

My uncle’s home was directly on the flight path of aircraft preparing to land, so we’d get low flying planes with a clear view of its livery.

‘Guess the airline and the country it’s from’ was the game our parents played with us. And this is something me, my brother and cousins are pretty good at till today.

Subang Airport is still operating todate but only hosts a small number of domestic airlines and smaller aircraft.

International flight operations have moved to the bigger Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Some airlines we knew are no longer in operation, others have changed their looks and logos over the years. New one have come along too.

One that is closest to our heart is of course Malaysia Airlines (MAS) – our very own national carrier that at one time spotted a red and white circular logo showcasing the traditional kite – Wau.

It has since changed to one that features two colours – blue and red, instead of just red and is no longer encompassed in a circle.

So you can only imagine my excitement at spotting this plane with MAS classic retro livery which I flew on yesterday.

It did bring back a flood of pleasant memories of a more carefree time filled with simple pleasures 💖💕


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