Dish Fetish

I never understood my mother’s generation’s obsession with collecting dishes. She and her contemporaries would spend hours in the household section of shops and shopping centres looking for a good bargain for pots, pans and dishes.

I’m usually not involved in the discussions, but I know my Corning Wares, Vision Wares and the ultimate aim to own a set of Wedgwood dinner set from years of eavesdropping.

Maybe we aren’t as refined as the Baby Boomers, or maybe we just live in a different time – one where organising a dinner party with an elaborate spread, and impressive presentation skills is not a priority.

I suppose theirs was a time when fancy restaurants, delis or cafes were few and too pricey for a family or dinner party. So the home setting was the place to impress.

Most of the stuff I have in my kitchen cupboards today are wedding gifts, Christmas gifts and a set of Wexford’s ‘June Rose’ that was handed down to me by an aunt when she migrated.

The only set I can claim to have bought myself are six bowls from Ikea’s Christmas collection.

So my collection is kind of a mish mash of bits accrued over the years – no standard set. Not ideal but it serves the purpose – bowls to serve in, heat up food in and plates to hold your food!

Having said that, what I have in my cupboards today is not a reflection of my own taste.

If it was up to me, it would be filled with Moroccan or Turkish inspired designs. Not a priority though … for now 😄

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  1. jml297 says:

    It’s funny how some objects end up in our lives, like dishes!


    1. Just like some things in life that you don’t ask for but get anyway, serving its purpose in some way … pun intended!😄

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